Background. Micropigmentation, also known widely as tattooing, is being commonly used esthetically to camouflage various medical conditions related to dermatology and plastic surgery.

Objective. The aim was to review the procedure of tattooing and its various latest medical indications.

Methods. Peer review of the literature on micropigmentation through a MEDLINE search was done to enumerate its various medical indications.

Results. The literature review revealed widespread acceptance of micropigmentation for a spectrum of diseases of cosmetic importance, especially in mucosal vitiligo. Micropigmentation is also being used for various medical indications, such as burn scars, alopecia areata, and nipple‐areola reconstruction.

Conclusions. The procedure is relatively easy, provides permanent camouflage, and is generally devoid of any significant adverse effects. However, a number of infections can be transmitted from one patient to another if the universal precautions for sterilization of instruments used for micropigmentation are not adhered to.

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